Monday, June 02, 2008

For now...

I would like to make a statement that due to the strenuous examination process I am going through at the moment, Winter House will inevitably be suffering from a lack of attention on my part for the time being. Posts will be resumed in a week or so, or maybe eariler or perhaps even later. It all depends on how a certain institution has chosen to examine me this year, for it can go well or it may end up as an apocalyptic disaster, which may deter me from blogging for an indefinite period of time. Do not be frightened though, in all my short life story, I have always managed to avoid disaster on the brink of survival, and why should it be different this time?
If all goes in a satisfactory manner, however, Winter House may be reborn again from the ashes of her host's perilous endeavours, and emerge as victorious in the face of iniquitous opposition.
These will then be my winter notes on summer impressions...naturally.
I'll leave you to it then.