Monday, October 02, 2006

Just briefly discuss the title, if I may.
I chose 'Winter House' because it is the name of a song which means a great deal to me and which I am sure you've never heard because of the nature of the political and geographical circumstances in which it was written.
It's a Bulgarian song by a very influential (at least in Bulgaria) band, called FSB which even though was the best band in the world (for quite some time), it was nevertheless limited by the lack of opportunities and the narrow scope of entertainment imposed by the boot of Communism. I will, however, come back to this later.

For quite some time now, I've been mind-boggling about the creation of my own blog on the net and now I've finally decided to give it ago, ignoring my 'tender' age of 16, a barrier which has held me back for quite some time now.
I do come from Bulgaria, but I've been living in London, UK, for some 5 years now.
This move to the UK has had such a massive influence on me, and of course, my English.

So this is just the mere beginning...
Watch this space...


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