Monday, July 09, 2007

Whilst having a pleasant stroll around the Tate Modern a few days ago, I stumbled upon a mind-boggling collection of the admittedly less abstract art contained in one of the exhibition sections. It was Soviet propaganda art and it adorned the greater part of the walls inside the room. Among the numerous pictures of the Messiah-like Stalin and forever-living Lenin as well as the ever highly appealing sagacious faces of Marx & Engels, I came across something highly-original and its precise originality has been the product of a most advantageous hindsight that enables us to look back and smile apologetically.

The above picture is divided into a capitalist and communist side, and I'll be leaving you alone to figure out which one is which, considering of course that it is after all a Soviet propaganda poster.

And so speaking of music, one could always of course be reminded of the various Party denunciations of musicians such as Shostakovich for instance but I suppose it's not always healthy to concentrate on the rather pedantic side of the ever advantageous hindsight...


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