Thursday, May 07, 2009

On Feminism

The rather genteel recent debate on feminism at Reflections of the Damned has left my hopes for a bloodier dispute rather empty.

So I've decided to be honest, a bit absurd, a bit ridiculous, a bit silly:

The true feminist is the type of person who would go on a holiday in Turkey with a couple of friends, and having arrived at the magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, he/she would suddenly, when there isn't the tinniest bit of expectation in the air, take out the Turkish flag and set it alight in a determined, demonstrative way, to the utter shock of his/her friends.

At the precise moment before suffering a violent death at the hands of passers-by, he/she would just as suddenly, with no less determination, triumphantly cry out to his/her friends:

'Leave me, save yourselves! Run!'

His/her unfortunate and clueless friends however, inevitably caught up in the melee, would also be ingloriously slain.

Hate me if you wish to but there, I've said it! (sigh)

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