Tuesday, October 03, 2006

'Blair Must Go' kids

A couple of weeks ago, in the Daily Mail, I saw a picture of children, 10-12 years of age, gathered together in a protest form holding up large signs, reading – “Blair-Must-Go” and so on.
So this is what I wondered about.
These kids are still terribly young and green to really grasp politics and the dirtiness that stems from this very word. The “protest” was most certainly organised by teachers which seem to have been soul-searching for an analogue to accompany their sick minds.
Just because teachers are generally quite low-paid, it just doesn’t mean that they have to drag their own pupils into the tectonically massive hypocrisy they have sunk in.
Involving young children in political debates, or even protests is seemingly a good idea because it supposedly gives them confidence to express their opinion freely, which is a good thing. However, this is quite literally an exploitation done by whoever organised these “junior demonstrations”. They are using children so as to force out their dissatisfaction with the Government into the open and polluted air that you and me breathe, constantly.
And anyway, why should children be introduced to any kind of politics from an early age? To better prepare them for their “successful” adulthood? Politics is only associated with power, money and corruption. Success is merely a word; the scapegoat in this case, persistent throughout the whole process, aimed at deceiving and brainwashing the minds of most individuals.
Why should children’s brains be fucked up so quickly and early? Why can’t they let them play their games and just live their lives, whilst they can?
Therefore, when the difficult and frenzy times of growing up come, they are charged with some kind of positive memories and thoughts. This would have impact on their psyche and thinking as well as behaviour and I think it would be for the better because the ‘children’ who are now adults, would have “absorbed” their childhood games and learned from their mistakes and naiveties just as nature intended. It’s far more moral and rewarding for them than having Mr Blair’s illusory grin thrust in their faces like a brick.So, how would you teach children to express themselves confidently and honestly? Well, you have several choices. You can put a guitar in their hands or another expressive musical instrument. If it doesn’t work out then put a brush in one of their hands and provide them with some paint. If not, you can simply put a pen in their hands and educate them through writing and gradually leave them to educate themselves. Art, music and literature are so rich in teachings about the world, if, of course, presented properly and by no means forcefully.
The children in the picture I saw in the Daily Mail, are expressing their teachers
not themselves.

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