Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Man on the Moon (If you believe)

I’m really beginning to hate conspiracy theories. The pomposity that surrounds them is plain arrogance playing with devilish falsehood.
In simple terms, the more Man delves into knowledge, the more complex the world becomes and despair is bound kick in because in the end you’re left with a sign reading ‘Nowhere’ and realise this is the exact spot from which you started your elegant but failed tour de force into Nature and Man.
Don’t conspiracy theorists realise that for themselves? It’s about time now that they stopped with their constant desire to be distinguished among the ordinary people and face the facts with at least some dignity.
Even this thing that I’m in the process of writing at this very moment is a tiny and probably insignificant grain of sand which adds to the enormity, or rather the infinity, of the mass under which the truth is buried. What’s important is how I view it.
Grains of sand contain some pockets of air in-between them which are continuously being filled with specks of dust i.e. stuff like conspiracy theories.
A speck of dust, once in your eye, it is irritating for a moment. Yes, your eye will itch and most likely require a rather unpleasant rubbing with your hand.
But it’s over before you know it and unlike a conspiracy theory, it fades and disappears into the abyss of the forgotten.
All these conspiracy theories, however, only add to the bullshit that contaminates the sand with their dirtiness and tendency to stick on you and your clothing. A trait attributed to common mud.
However nihilistic this may sound, I am 100% inclined to agree on it.
My life has only just begun and it’s already finished.


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