Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A diamond inside a coal carriage

I remember an assembly we had in school, about a week before our GCSE trial exams. It was a normal, dull winter morning, just like any other with little to say whether I was interested in what was being spoken of.
And so one of the RE teachers talked. He was probably the strictest teacher in the school and although I respected this, I was never really fond of him.
Now, I can’t exactly recall his precise words but it was something on this track: “You have your exams in a week and should be preparing… However, when you go and sit the exams, always remember that God is with you”.
His words instantly caught my attention and somehow I even felt a slight sympathy towards him, which itself was strictly a temporary phenomenon.
I don’t believe any of the students nor did even himself actually realise that he just gave the best religious education lesson ever.


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