Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just to Explain

Ben has telepathically somewhat anticipated my next post. Indeed, though we have both concurred as to the superiority of the term 'blok' to 'blog' in terms of designating our 'frustration outlets', as he likes to call them, I still feel its message has not been clearly stated.
Bearing this in mind, I posted something a few days earlier, which I feel was largely neglected, perhaps because I simply did not bother to explain the idea behind it. I have decided to start posting, from time to time, an 'irregular periodical' which I have christened 'The Other Things Unheard': I feel the name itself reflects the absurdist character which its contents will embrace, and it is also name that is plain and easy to remember. On top of that, it is also a vague pun on 'The Theatre of the Absurd' - all sufficiently self-explanatoty.
Now, what 'The Other Things Unheard' will involve, is the occasional post involving the odd mock-newspaper article with the frequent contributions of The Editor, who would competently opine on the given article. Think of this mock-newspaper belonging to what I would describe as an edenic society, where the hitherto ideal living standard of the people within it, is gradually waning due to the negative influence of certain institutions and philosophies which would only serve to corrupt it. Therefore consider my mock-articles and their contents as objects belonging to Pandora's Box, as they will be describing the evils which we know from our world, slowly creeping into this fictional Atlantis, which 'The Other Things Unheard' will give a voice to.
The articles will of course involve figures from our own world: celebrities, memebrs of the royalty, famous people still with us today, and likewise people for whom it would be physically impossible to join us for a cup of coffee these days...
I feel that such 'rubrics', even if they are not regular, will introduce some kind of coherence to 'bloks' and this will at least make them that bit more presentable, and more interesting overall.
So, the first issue 'The Other Things Unheard' is already out, and I'll warm it up in the microwave by referencing it again: it is experimental as you shall note, but its chosen theme should hardly surprise anyone here, and remember, it is meant to be satirical, though like all satire, it still bears certain tragicomedic touches here and there.


At 26 June 2008 at 07:57 , Blogger ¡Benjaminista! said...

Utopias, vague puns, metahistory, irregular periodicals: you have some of my favourite tropes covered. Let the blokking expand into new dimensions!

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