Friday, November 17, 2006


A smile is an abominable frown when beset with a shake of the head.
That’s disappointment for you and for me.

When people whom you at least think you care for, and are fond of, it is marked with hot-iron across their forehead the sense of indifferent acceptance which I find excruciatingly unacceptable.
To clarify, this mark is worn just as hats could be worn regardless of time, place and weather.
Gratitude is a one-way street with a slippery surface and hats are worn for different purposes.

This mark, however, is what controls the weather conditions for you. They are ever-changing and rain is always suggested in the clouds which look down with a lemon-wry laughter on the feverish skeleton you feel as yourself.
Lightning may strike, even twice on your hatless head.
Hatless, ‘Markless’, just what is the difference?

Disappointment can swirl through desperation even when you don’t actually realise that everything which ruins every second of the passing day is a proceeding of a single gesture reminding you of who you truly are.

Just like stars can align themselves within a syzygy, so then can the ‘offender’, the impressionist exterior and the priceless expressionist interior line up and make you feel an aunt beside Titan’s foot.

Geniuses are tortured by their very genius and when they get to Everest, they fall without grace which itself is bestowed upon them beyond the grave.

Ordinary individuals are in-turn tortured by all the small things she said, or at least suggested with the gigantic emotional perversion able to dismantle a T-34 tank with the sole use of a lonely, apologetic finger or even a dismissive, abominable smile.

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