Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Best Films Still Available On YouTube

"Available" is the variable in this case. Hurry up and enjoy it illegally - no YouTube film lasts forever! Great for the casual viewer too.

10.Gold Rush - This is one is a joke actually - it's too old to be removed from YouTube!

9.Goodfellas - Overrated but still fun to watch.

8.The Postman (Il Postino) - Not overrated and still fun to watch.

7. Andrei Rublev - Recommended by the Roman Catholic Church itself! - the only thing this film and Catholicism have in common and I would like to take the opportunity to thank God for that!

6.Ivan's Childhood - Sartre actually wrote a long essay defending it from critics - it's just that good.

5.Once Upon A Time In The West - Forget the cowboy hats, forget the gun shootouts, forget even Henry Fonda's blue eyes - this film's real intelligence lies in its central character: The Woman (personified by Claudia Cardinale). In essence, everything revolves around her: Harmonica, Cheyenne - at the core of their heroism is found their genuine wish to protect a brave though still defenceless woman. Harmonica's revenge is not only personal - that's just one of dimension of it: it's also a revenge for the savage taking away of a woman's natural right to have a family to take care of. The noblest type of revenge surely?

4.The Seventh Seal - Why did this film leave such a mark upon my consciousness? It's naive and outdated. Bibi Andersson's long, golden hair? - but it's a black & white film! The squire's earthly and cynical magnetism? The humour? The film is 52 years old in cinematic terms and 1052 in comic terms . No, it's the treatment of death - its inevitability is made strangely beautiful.

3.Mirror (Tarkovsky) - Directly combining the individual's tragedy with that of humanity as a whole - no film has ever done that so well. Nature itself is like an individual character in it. Greatest film ever? Yep.

2. La Notte - The charismatic actors are to blame! It's a boring film but so are all of Antonioni's works. While he does use excessive symbolism, it's not a simple visual play of signifier/signified, it's just a subtler way to probe into the depths of our emotions - I do get it.
It's beautiful actually.

1. L'Samourai - The Bushido code of the Japanese samurai warrior transposed onto the gloomy streets of 60's Paris, and Alain Delon in the title role. The solitude, spartan conditions and morbidity which engulf the's a different world, an attractive world for all the wrong reasons. The final scene is one of the best ever.


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