Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Selfishness: That's the way...

Communism was flawed all round. There’s no denying that because it’s historically proved to be so. A utopian idea which came down to earth, making a hash of the whole world, but most crucially, of the countries which it enslaved. Many of them, like my homeland Bulgaria, are in the process of severe degradation in social, political and economic terms.
Indeed, if the country did not turn communist in 1944 and continued on being a ‘crazy’ capitalist state then would it have been more prosperous?
Yes, probably though bearing in mind its all-encompassing communist neighbours I doubt even a hint of survival. Of the capitalism, I mean.

What strikes me most is that if it continued being capitalist, in some hypothetical scenario, the psychology of the people would have been that bit more liberal, more western, if you prefer.
Nowadays, people in Bulgaria are so insecure there because that authoritarian communist regime made them slaves to their own distorted and misplaced conscience. It’s purely a Balkan thing, a syndrome of attitude which can be summed up like this: ‘I don’t mind how well off I am, as long as my neighbour suffers’.
How can you expect success and confidence with such way of thinking?
In other words, in addition to communism being a practical failure, what is much worse, is that it leaves a stain on the psychology of the population.

Sometimes I think that for Communism to somehow work, in whatever way, is for it to be all over the world, not just merely isolated and defended through a hypocritical Iron Curtain. Even then, success is not guaranteed because of this prevailing hypocrisy; a tumour in this idealist ideology.
Because the corruption and the hypocrisy is such a common occurrence during a Communist regime and judging by the current state of Bulgaria, its result is not exactly seen through pink sunglasses i.e. it is a far worse and what’s most frightening, a far more conspicuous one at the moment.

The death verdict of the Libyan medics case is just another confirmation of the total selfishness, incompetence and complete and utter disregard of the Bulgarian government. It was all-too-obvious that this policy of quiet diplomacy, or in other words appeasement towards Gaddafi would ascertain failure. It’s just such a simple way of thinking that is demonstrated again here.
After all, British appeasement towards Hitler resulted in WWII and what did they think, anyway? Just as Hitler was slier than the British government, so is Gaddafi far more clever and calculating than the Bulgarian government, or the effective lack of one. At the very same time, the Bulgarian lawyers who were supposed to be dealing with case, were holidaying on the golden, sandy beaches of nearby Egypt.
Just what else could you have expected? The same old story goes on repeating itself over and over again.

I mean, the Western world is not exactly in a state of eternal spring but it is the idiocy of the ‘Eastern’, or more accurately Eastern European way of thinking that is root of all this failure and lack of even a hint of prosperity.
The psychology of these people lets them down with a pressing force as a consequence of this half a century Communist Iron Boot.
However much I admire the fact that at least in Bulgaria, arts such as music, literature and poetry were far more worthwhile than their modern pop-culture versions, and however much I’ve enjoyed and learnt from and treasured it all, it is no sufficient consolation for what has happened with the mass psychology of the people. Truly, the best arts were produced during the Communist rule and they indeed gave the young intelligentsia certain hopes and longings, but they could not compensate for this generational invasion of mental slavery which swept them and their future.
And because I feel this music, this poetry and literature so close at heart, I would ask to be excused with my next comments which I feel to reflect exactly this more liberal and that bit less Balkan attitude and way of thinking that I’ve so far acquired during my five years in Britain.

It is precisely because of this overall mental frequency to which the population’s brains have been ‘tumoured’ to (tuned to - pardon me),
that all these arts have been buried under the pile of dust, locked away in a forgotten safe with the key being eaten up by the corrosive saliva of what I would call ‘bent’ progressivism. Therefore, with this knowledge I carry on learning from it, knowing that I’m one of the truly few ones who really care about it.

Does that legitimize this overall decadence which has absorbed Bulgaria?
In an absurd world it would happily be so. But this is the real world where logical and reasonable rationality rules and so it does not legitimize anything of such a grand scale.

Nonetheless, still I would go with my bare, though selfish instincts and I would spiritually shout to myself that it certainly works for me.