Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where Polygamy Beats Religion

According to theories, the ancient Bulgars were surprisingly tolerant from a religious point of view. Apparently, one possible explanation for this was that the richer and more politically influential Bulgars were largely polygamous. However, because of the variety of religions and cultures which the ancient state of Bulgaria housed, so the wives that one Bulgarian 'aristocrat' had were all quite often from different backgrounds, hence from fundamentally opposing faiths.
They could easily be Christian, pagan, Muslim, or Zoroastrian as a matter of fact - it did not matter because each child would have been brought up according to the mother's religious inclinations. Thus the polygamous dad would have had to tolerate the particular faith of each of his children in order to preserve the harmony within the family and keep each wife happy.

Almighty Practicality! Where is thy blush?

Maybe there's some sense in that though.

If the concept of polygamy could transcend the concept of religion, why know... ?
Ah, another proof that all you need is love?!
Perhaps those bloody, ancient noble savages had the answer even before Lennon uttered the sacred words...