Thursday, June 07, 2007

Whilst surfing through Radiohead's eminent blog, 'Dead Air Space', I came across a photo of Thom Yorke and noticed the reproduction of a relatively famous painting stuck onto the wall just above him on the background.

I recognised it instantly as 'The Forge of Vulcan' by Diego Velazquez who is indeed one of the most respected painters in history and one of my personal favourites.

That said, I cannot hope to correctly guess who exactly placed it there, nor can I be sure that it has anything to do with any member of the band.

Still though, I think we should all agree that despite this utter surprise that struck when I saw the photo at first, it is nonetheless still very much indicative of the originality that Radiohead as artists possess, and this reproduction on the wall of their studio (presumably) should be accepted as something far cooler than what usually adorns the walls of most recording studios.

I think it's fair to say therefore that Radiohead are Radiohead because you would somehow expect them to have such an artwork that is depicted in the picture above.